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Type: Character, Hero, Party member, Mage
Notable appearance:
Whizrom storyline
See: Karn, Karashi, Gildward, Tesla, Drecker, Mage, Staff, Magic
Karn's right-hand mage, he is the second main character of Adventurers!. The reason to Karn's "Hey, this cave looks important!", he often finds himself with incredible headaches. He knows healing magic, summons, and offensive magic. Infinity form: Arch Mage.
Type: Character, Villian, Bard, Robot
Notable appearance: Rotting Away storyline
See: Bard, Gildward, Karashi, Lute, Khrima, Dirlend, Mizuna, Silver Haired Guy
After breaking free of the prison and seeking Khrima's help, Dirlend was grafted with cybernetic implants including high powered amps and an electric guitar. This Guitar symbolizes his immersion in the Dark Side of the Song- for it is the weapon of the bardic Black Arts. Now is a member of the Khaos Generals with codename "Bleu", a set of elite warriors able to transform using Chaos beads.
Type: Character, Hero, Party member, Cute thing
Notable appearance:
It doesn't matter because I'm cute strip (#140)
See: Cuteness Quotient, Karn
Completely useless but completely cute, this character doesnt travel with the heroes very often but when he does it annoys the spoony out of everyone. From Chooktown. Now has the Legend Gloves.
Type: Character, Villian, Bard
Notable appearance:
Gildward storyline
See: Bard, Gildward, Karashi, Lute, The Axe
A bard twisted by Gildward's oneupping him at the Bardic Acadamy, he is the world's second strongest Bard and wields the dark lute Songbringer. Seeking revenge he tricked Gildward and Karashi so that he could prove himself- He was dragged away in a sack after being beaten by Karashi, and put in jail. He escaped, seeked Khrima's help, and became The Axe.
Type: Character, Hero, Party member, Theif
Notable appearance: A Knives Throw Away storyline
See: Karn, Karashi, Gildward, Ardam, Tesla, Theif, Knives
This theif joined the team under unusual circumstances. He's the youngest member of the Heroes, and uses throwing knives as a weapon. He has a crush on Karashi, and really, REALLY hates mountains. INfinity form: Burglar
Type: Item, Advice device, teen angst
Notable appearance:
Magic Eight Squall strip
See: Karn
Karn's trusty (although we don't know why) sphere of knowledge, it never fails to provide insight it's own particular brand of apathy.
Type: Race, Council, Symbol
Notable appearance: The Return storyline
See: Eternion, Infinel, Imposis, Maxima Termis
The Eternals are a group of beings which exist beyond dimensions. They can grab on to any dimensions they want to pay visits. They are defined by their glowing auras and their masks. There are various Lesser Eternals, four Eternals, and one Grand Eternal. They normally cannot be harmed, but if they are tied to a dimension set through certian means (such as the Melody of Finite, or the Terminal Blade), they are vunerable. The Sigil represents the structure of the Eternal's heirarchy. Most are capable of transforming from the default "constrained" form to a more powerful "infinite" form such as Eternion's transformation to Eternity. While in infinite form, tying to physical laws causes actual damage since the vast amounts of power cannot safely pass through a physical being.
Type: Book
Notable appearance: Grand storyline
See: Eternion, Infinel, Imposis, Grand
The Eternal War, as well as the truth about the Eternals them selves, are written here in a variety of changing glyphs. Earlier writings are in some languages, later ones are in older language. It also outlines the weapons used in the War, such as both of what later became the Lost Eternal Swords, the Terminal Blade and the Infinity Blade. Also included are the Melody of Finite's original sheet music, as well as information on the Sealing Amulets.
Type: Character, Eternal, Villain
Notable appearance: Eternion Saga storyline
See: Infinel, Eternal
Eternion began a war on the Eternals, and eventually was defeated. The result was the forming of the council and he was given the title of KNIGHT, ETERNAL OF WAR. After the defeat of Termis, he assumed command of the Eternals, and defeated Infinel. Invisin seems to have a thing for him. He was beaten by the party and destroyed by Argent
Type: Character, Villian
Notable appearance:
Khrima Attacks: Story storyline
See: Eternion, Khrima
Khrima's rival at Evil University who always seemed to best Khrima at his studies. It wasn't until Khrima challenged him to a duel that his humiliation began. He later appeared to aid Eternion during his reentry to the scene.
Type: Character, Hero, Party member, Bard
Notable appearance: The Letter storyline
See: Karn, Eternal, Bard, Lute, Harp, Dirlend
A bard. He has a negative defense stat, and no offensive capability. He knows some truly horrible songs, but he suddenly became useful when it was revealled he knew the Melody of Finite- the only known way to weaken an Eternal. He has been known to use both Lutes and Harps, but now he weilds the mystic ancient legendary harp Musicallibur. His archnemesis is the evil, twisted bard Dirlend.
Type: Character, Villian
Notable appearance: I can smell them from a mile away strip
See: Khrima, The Axe, Mizuna
A silver haired man in evil looking gold armor who tries to pass himself off as a good guy. He fails, of course, because he's in black gold trimmed armor. His past is mysterious, and he is now a Khaos General with codename "Argent" (see entry for The Axe). He was mortally wounded by Eternion, and destroyed Eternion before dying himself. He used to be a Lawyer, but not evil.
Type: Weapon.. sorta
Notable examples:
See: Gildward
One of the two main weapons of a bard. Creates music by strumming the lines. They say Musicallibur has increadable powers, but being a HARP and all, it's not that much. Gildward carries it, and he is the most powerful Bard on the planet. Muscallibur has since been destroyed.
Type: Character, Eternal, NPC.
Notable appearance:
The Return storyline
See: Eternion, Eternal, Maxima Termis, Invisin
Infinel holds the position MESSENGER, ETERNAL OF PEACE AND ORDER, and is the voice of reason on the Council. He has little battle power but his healing ability is godlike. He was felled by Eternion during his coup. Before that, he bound himself to the summoning plane and left the Infinity Mail for Karn to find
Type: Character, Eternal, NPC.
Notable appearance: The Spoon hits the Fan storyline
See: Eternion, Eternal, Infinel, Maxima Termis
Invisin holds the position ASSASSIN, ETERNAL OF MISDIRECTION, and admires Eternion, dispite his vast evilness. She's incredibly fast, able to warp reality and able to kill people almost instantaniously. She was sealed by Argent, and was eventually blown up along with Eternion.
Type: Character, Hero, Party member, Ninja
Notable appearance:
Gildward storyline
See: Karn, Ardam, Gildward, Drecker, Tesla, Ninja, Katana
A master of Ninja offense, Ninja defence, Ninja healing, Ninja stealing, and a minor of Ninja Cookery who is half dwarf (she gets her looks from her father) She uses a Katana style sword. Became part of the party after a throwing-things-contest. She found out that not only was her sister Mizuna alive, but was working for Khrima, but convinced her otherwise. Infinity form is a skintight black suit, with two elemental Katanas.
Type: Character, Hero, Party member, Main Character, Fighter
Notable appearance: Nearly every strip.
See: Karashi, Ardam, Gildward, Drecker, Tesla, Fighter, Sword, Khrima
A hero of legend, but nobody is quite sure which legend, Karn is vowing his life to stop Khrima from doing whatever evil plans he can. A bit thick headed and accepts nonsensical RPG rules too readily. He is also the spokesperson for Hero Hair brand Hair Care Products. His parents were two of the warriors who defeated a great evil, many years ago. He has gotten the Infinity Mail, and can use it to give himself and his friends great power. Infinity form gives him bright white wings and his hair gains the texture of fire.
Type: Weapon
Notable examples: Standard Ninja Sword
See: Karashi
The preferred weapon of a ninja, and Karashi is no exception. This thin blade sword allows quick swipes and deadly silent attacks. It's Ninja-rific!
Type: Characters, Villian
Notable appearance: Look, it's.. etc. strip
See: Nothing, really.
Brothers in arms under the payroll of Khrima, they pester the heroes but tend to lose comically at every turn. They exist almost entirely as Comic releif and are incredibly easy to defeat. Instead of being funny, however, they quickly become annoying. Recently given a tank. They acted as one of the three Khrimalith bosses using a Khrimech.
Type: Characters, Villian
Notable appearance: Evil TV: Evil Talk with Kent Furnside strip
See: Khrima, Evil Spybot, Evil TV
Host of the most popular show on Evil TV, Evil Talk, he interviews evil personalities. Fortunately for the evil element, the good guys don't watch it. Otherwise they'd know all the evil plots, and stuff.
Type: Character, Villain
Notable appearance: KHRIMA ATTACKS storyline
See: Khrima- Army Of, Khrima- TV Of, Khrimalith, Khrima's Tower, Karn, Garshask
Khrima is the archnemesis of the heroes. He's evil to the core in every part but his brain, which is just basically stupid. Shattering the Crystal of the Kildracks changed his body and gave him strange powers. He was presumed dead when his fortress was destroyed by Eternion, but rose again and now commands the awesome power of the Khrimalith.
Type: Army, Villain
Notable appearance: Waiting is the Most Annoying part strip (#261)
See: Khrima
Khrima's elite (HAH) army of armoured soldiers. They probably couldn't hit the sky with a sniper rifle. Hint: AIM UP, STUPID. A subset of them are the Khrima's Royal Guard, who use swords instead. .
Type: Final Boss Dungeon
Notable appearance: KHRIMALITH storyline
See: Khrima- Army Of, Khrima- TV Of, Khrima, Khrima's Tower
The Khrimalith is a powerful floating weapon capable of destroying all life on the planet. It is controlled by Khrima himself, and can only be defeated by destroying Khrima at the heart of the machine. You can only reach Khrima by circumventing the security system by taking three seperate infiltration paths.
Type: Technorganic Tower
Notable appearance: Assault on the Tower See: Khrima
Khrima's tower was created by the power of the Kildracks Crystal. Part technological, part organic, he protected it using three force fields. It was destroyed by Eternion.
Type: Television
Notable appearance: EVL TV See: Khrima, Khrima's Tower
Khrima's TV is tuned almost exclusively to Evil TV, but he does use it to watch the heroes on occasion. Unfortunately, it was destroyed with his tower.
Type: Mecha, Villian
Notable appearance: Khrimech strip
See: Khrima, Khrimalith
A robot. One person pilots the main body, one person pilots the sword arm. Used by Kemmit and Mech. Destroyed by Spybot Cannon.
Type: Weapon
Notable examples: Standard Metal, Precision, Sniper
See: Drecker
A theifly weapon, not Vash's nemisis. You throw them blade first at the enemy and hopefully you end up with one less enemy. Drecker uses them.
Type: Weapon.. sorta
Notable examples:
Musician's Lute, Songbringer
See: Gildward, Dirlend
One of the two main weapons of a bard. One was carried by Gildward before he found the Musicallibur, and the legendary lute Songbringer belonged to Dirlend before it was destroyed. So's life.
Type: Character, Grand Eternal, Boss.
Notable appearance:
Grand storyline
See: Eternion, Eternal, Infinel, Invisin
The former leader of the Eternals, and is constantly in Infinite form, but isn't 'hurt' by the Melody. He was defeated with Vanish/Undimension in a very cheap battle.
Type: Character.
Notable appearance: They Return storyline
See: Khrima, The Axe, Silver Haired Guy, Karashi
One of the Khaos Generals, Karashi's sister was thought to have been killed but instead joined Khrima's ranks as a powerful assassin. Younger and more childish then Karashi, but is a crack shot with her special throwing knives, she can also transform like the other two Khaos Generals. After being beaten by the party, she went back to being a good little ninja.
Type: Weapon
Notable examples:
See: Tesla
It propels a bullet using gunpowder. It goes 'bang'. I think you all know what guns do.
Type: Characters, Villian
Notable appearance: Honestly, they're all over the place.
See: Khrima, Evil Spybot
One of Khrima's most obvious traits is his pro-robot mentality. Why do it yourself when you can build a robot to do it? And why build a robot yourself when you can build a robot to do THAT?
Type: Race, NPC
Notable appearance:
Skyrian, Shmyrian
See: Noone in particular
A flying race of magically-atuned warriors, who live in the cloud city of Skyria. They are particularly good at wind magic, and some have been known to have long elven ears.
Type: Character, Hero?, Party member, Robot
Notable appearance: The Accused strip (#156)
See: Karn, Robot, Khrima
Most of the team (excepting Karn) is suspicious of this robot. What secrets does this evil spybot hold? Is he, perhaps, an evil spy? Recently showed remarkable battle capability. Also, he can transform into a cannon.
Type: Weapon
Notable examples: Standard holy staff, Void, The Magikator
See: Ardam
The weapon of mages everywhere, including Ardam. However, being staffs they aren't very good for attacking- they're primarily used to boost magical ability and just look magely.
Type: Weapon
Notable examples: Standard silver, Crystal, Rune, Kh'inarak
See: Karn
A standard weapon for a standard fighter, and Karn's weapon of choice. The secret to using a sword is that you hit people with the sharp end and then they die.
Type: Character, Hero, Party member, Gunslinger
Notable appearance:
Rotting Away storyline
See: Karn, Karashi, Gildward, Drecker, Gunslinger, Pistol
The second female in the ADVENTURERS! party and Tracker, Third Teir of the Geldrin armed force, she is attracted to Ardam and is far too playful than someone should be if they carry a gun. Cody gave her the secret Spybot disk.
Type: Characters, Villian, Mage
Notable appearance:
Whizrom storyline
See: Ardam
The Dark wizard of Evil and master of black magic, he challenges Ardam because Ardam is a GOOD mage and that's what evil mages do.. or is that all there is to it? He came back encased in Crystal, and was destroyed thanks to structural harmonics.
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